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  2. spoiler Leaks - Hugtto Precure

    I saw it too, I can't wait to see more because I'm so excited too ^^
  3. spoiler Leaks - Hugtto Precure

    The logo is a rainbow. I think they'll hug people to death. They hug and it's gay
  4. spoiler Leaks - Hugtto Precure

    Ah, HUG PRECURE?! (I like that logo ^^) Attacking with hugs? idk
  5. spoiler Leaks - Hugtto Precure

    Um... What's a Hugttot?
  6. spoiler Leaks - Hugtto Precure

    Trademark for 2018 Precure!
  7. Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode - Episode 36 Discussion - Let's the start of; Discussion here!
  8. Last week
  9. Good Day

    Heya, Welcome to Pretty Cure Forum! Enjoy
  10. November 10th for new episodes! I can't wait
  11. fun game Precure Melee

    Cure Macaron + 1 = 14 Cure Rosetta - 1 = 6
  12. Good Day

    Hello and welcome to Pretty Cure Forum! My favorite seasons is Go! Princess (always) because it's awesome I'm living in Canada. Nice to meet you - If you have any question, let's me know
  13. general glitter force manga?

    Thanks for the post here, I can't wait for it.
  14. Earlier
  15. welp, amazon has listed a glitter force book by kodansha, the same publisher of the smile manga, keep in mind the date listed is most likely a preoder date, amazon uk says it's going be released in june 28 of next year i'm actually hyped for this! finally, i can read a precure manga, and we are getting physical merch,I just want to buy a cure peace figure cheaper than $25! https://www.amazon.com/Glitter-Force-Izumi-Todo/dp/1632363623/ref=sr_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1507589681&sr=8-23&keywords=glitter+force
  16. Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode - Episode 35 Discussion - Let's the start of; Discussion here!
  17. Good Day

    Hello, Welcome to the forum! I'm from Australia (but I'm in Toronto right now) I hope you enjoy your stay here
  18. Good Day

    Through Discord, which I found in Precure club on MAL. Heartcatch Pretty obvious EU Any more questions?
  19. general Which season would you like a sequel to?

    Interesting.....How about a sequel to Happiness Charge, I mean we do have International Precure so.....A series focusing on a new International Cure or maybe even a series starring one of the international Cure from the original Happiness Charge (The Hawaiian duo PLEASE!!!)
  20. general Favorite cure color

    Surprisingly hard actually.....I'll say Blue, mainly due to all there Cure's having st least one thing I like about them....And oh yeah one of my three favorite Precure of all time is a Blue Cure (Cure Marine if your wondering! XD)
  21. Urahara

    Oh, I got. I'll check it out later
  22. Urahara

    urahara is a new magical girl scifi anime that just aired its first episode, and i love it so far!! you can watch it here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/urahara
  23. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    Trying Manga effects! Cure Bamboo and Cure Lotus Manga style page And a special Cure Gelato image!
  24. hello!! ^w^

    Welcome! Have a good day
  25. fun game Precure Melee

    Cure Macaron + 1 = 13 Cure Rosetta - 1 = 7 Cure Macaron FTW!!
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