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  1. Good Day

    Hello and welcome to Pretty Cure Forum! My favorite seasons is Go! Princess (always) because it's awesome I'm living in Canada. Nice to meet you - If you have any question, let's me know
  2. general glitter force manga?

    Thanks for the post here, I can't wait for it.
  3. fun game Precure Melee

    Cure Macaron + 1 = 13 Cure Rosetta - 1 = 7 Cure Macaron FTW!!
  4. Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode - Episode 34 Discussion - Let's the start of; Discussion here!
  5. hello!! ^w^

    Hi, emma! Welcome to Pretty Cure Forum, I'm one of the administrators. I love Go! Princess for me, HeartCatch is good. I'm a big fan of Precure since 2012. My favorite cure is Cure Flora ^_^. Can you call me Brendan. Have a good day! (ps; nice to meet you)
  6. Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode - Episode 32 Discussion - Let's the start of; Discussion here!
  7. Well, I have to turn off the guest post of this selection of Glitter Force General Discussion right now. I'm so annoyed. All member registered can reply or new topic of this selection only. Thank.
  8. Gokigenyou

    Hi, Emma! Welcome to the forum (late)
  9. Hey, Your avatar is disappeared (so sorry >3< well) However, is this related to a bug, see 


    1. CureTwinkle


      Well.  No big deal.  I just need readd it..ne? :)


      How are you doing btw?

    2. BrendanWh


      It's okay. And, just playing on Xbox One game for a while :)

  10. Hello users, The issue is a bug in the software with something in the system. If you get an error message like "EX1064" code, please report and posting here. Please note that some avatar(s) may disappear from their profile that's an issue related to a bug as well. For now, IPS is still investigating it on this forum for any fix(s) as well. - Sorry for any inconvenience!
  11. hello Head Admin-san!


    I was a mod at the last forum...but lost track of it due to a death in my family!  I look forward to being a member on your forum!  Thank you so muches for bringing it back! :D

    1. BrendanWh


      Hello! I see and welcome back, no problem :)

    2. CureTwinkle


      Thank you!  I promise to be a good girl.


      Well..at least until the next doughnut sales! :D