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  1. Konnichiwa

    Hello! Welcome to the forum ( ・ω・)ノ
  2. hello

    Ok! I wish I want to meet you, then enjoy (´ε` )ノ
  3. hello

    I'm sorry I was busy~ yes, I visited the precure store in Tokyo and Osaka. Tokyo is recommended. ^^. Oh, I visited the USA in a few years ago. if you go to japan in the future~ ^^ I use google translate to English if grammatical error so sorry. I have to go to sleep now where i live it's 11:44 pm. - oyasumi nasai
  4. news PreCure Goes Mobile (Smartphone Game) UPDATED

    i did signed up already in a few days
  5. hello

    thanks ♪(´ε` )ノ Yes. sure! so, where you live? ah. yes.. I'm current in Minato. I'm uncomfortable your questions. might in tokyo or somewhere around the japan. i suggest you to go to some google for it. so sorry ('∀` *)
  6. I love this season. The art is good also, the character development is great that cure black is my favorite. I like cure white that's so far. ('∀` *)
  7. general What's your Favorite Cure?

    cure black
  8. hello

    Hello. I'm from Japan. I love Pretty Cure fans. I'm not good English. Nice to meet you. Gokiyenyo~