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  1. GENERAL Whats some maho shoujo anime for a pretty cure fan?

    -Shugo Chara -Sailor Moon -Mermaid Melody -Cardcaptor Sakura -Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami -Ojamajo Doremi
  2. fun game Throw Something at the Person Above you!

    Throw a seashell
  3. Hello Everyone~

    Hi Charlotte, welcome to the forum
  4. general DokiDoki! PreCure - General Discussion

    Started it. The designs are so good, and wow that villain has the same voice actress as Luffy's.
  5. I really liked Smile Precure's opening and second ending. Suite Precure's opening is a close second.
  6. What's your favorite Anime?

    Mermaid Melody Cardcaptor Sakura Clannad Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live Aikatsu Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami Shugo Chara Sailor Moon One Piece Haruhi Suzumiya Precure
  7. New Here, So Hey!

    Hi, welcome to the forum! Cure Marine is one of my favorites too
  8. Hello everyone =)

    Hi Alexandra, welcome to the forum
  9. Hello

    Welcome! Have a nice time here
  10. hello everyone ^^

  11. Gokigenyou

    Hi Apple, Welcome!
  12. Hello

    Welcome Cure Blossom and Marine are two of my favorite cures as well ^^
  13. Heyy ^_^

    Welcome! Have a nice time here
  14. Hello

  15. general Futari wa Pretty Cure - General Discussion

    Just finished it. That was definitely one of my favorite seasons, and Cure White is now my favorite cure. Time to start Doki Doki