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  1. fun game The Person with the last post wins!

    Nah. I win
  2. news New season about precure all stars?

    All Stars Precure TV series? I wish they'd bring back the All Stars Precure~ ^^;;
  3. tournament ★ Cure Queen ★ Round 10! [FINAL]

    Cure Flora... won
  4. Kari Intro Thread Thing

    Hello Kari! Welcome to the forums Nice to meet you too.
  5. tournament ★ Cure Queen ★ Round 9!

  6. fun counter Count to 2018 before 2018

    364. XD
  7. I really love this episode... and I can't wait for next ep :O
  8. tournament ★ Cure Queen ★ Round 7!

  9. fun counter Count to 2018 before 2018

  10. Hello all~

    I forgot to make this. My name is Hannah and I'm really excited here. Now I found Precure Forum~ I love magical girl animes <3
  11. poll Best Precure Series? (Updated Polls)

    heartcatch btw!