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  1. fun game The Person with the last post wins!

    Silly... I'm the winner now.
  2. A Towa-chi fan!  I must huggle! :D


    Good to meet you! :)

    1. SweetLilac


      Ohhh! *hugs back*

      Nice to meet you :)

  3. What's your favorite color?

    Hot Pink, Red, Orange, and Purple
  4. Gokigenyou

    Welcome, Emma! Have a good day
  5. Hi! I'm not really new, just back!

    Welcome back! Have a good day!
  6. hi

    1. ArthurDM


      Nice to meet you!

    2. SweetLilac


      *smiles* :D

  7. What's your favorite mahou shoujo anime?

    Sailor Moon, Ojamajo Doremi, Madoka Magica, Mermaid Melody, and Precure ofc.
  8. Aikatsu! Discussion Thread

    I love it!! It's a good (fangirl)
  9. tournament ★ Cure Queen ★ Round 10! [FINAL]

    Cure Whip is so cute <3
  10. fun counter Count to 2018 before 2018

    345. Meh.
  11. Hey everyone!!

    Hello, Pixel Welcome to the forums! Nice to meet you~
  12. the birth of a new cure :)

    Hello, Welcome to the forum!!
  13. Hi!

    Hello! Welcome to the forum!
  14. Greeting from Japanese Dad

    Hello, CureDad... Welcome to the forums! Enjoy~
  15. tournament ★ Cure Queen ★ Round 7!