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  1. What is your favorite software?

    paint.net, adobe photoshop, avg, and google chrome
  2. Best anime listing site?

    I use MAL so far.
  3. general Doki Doki Glitter Force...

    I can't wait.
  4. Kari Intro Thread Thing

    Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  5. fun counter Count to 2018 before 2018

  6. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    I really love your artwork, and so thats nice
  7. fun counter Count to 2018 before 2018

    357. How's everyone?
  8. I'm a fan of Madoka Magica and Sailor Moon. Ah, I remember the getting into Precure since 2013? so think. I saw some related-videos from YouTube, I checked out some of Precure on Google. I started watching some Precure series that from random orders XD hahaha. For now, I love Precure ever - I love Go! Princess are my favorite because it's awesome story!
  9. What's your favorite operating system?

    My laptop's the Windows 10, but My dad's computer has MacOS that cool.
  10. poll Favourite KiraKira Cure?

    Same.. meh =3 I like Akira ^_^
  11. Coke vs Pepsi

    Both. so hard XD
  12. What is your favorite drink?

    Water, Chocolate milk, Tea, Coffee (morning), Homemade Apple-Orange Juice, and Coca-Cola
  13. Hello my best friend ^_^

    1. Cure Samantha

      Cure Samantha

      Oh hello! I'm was busy XD... Yea!! :heart:

    2. Cure Amandine
  14. fun game The Person with the last post wins!

    Nah. I'm the winner ^_^ ever