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  1. Yukari and Akira should just kiss already. Anyway, the episode was realyl good. Cure Macaron was all ready a great charcter and now she got even more develpoment. Elisio also contiune to be a great villain.
  2. poll Favourite KiraKira Cure?

    No love for Akira? Anyway this is pretty hard, since they are all great. For now I'm going with Yukari, but this can change pretty quckily.
  3. general Favorite cure color

    My favorite color would be pink, but since the color has a few weaker precures, I'm going with yellow. Haven't see a bad yellow precure yet.
  4. Cure Macaron is the best! Looks like this Arc is about to end already, whihc is great, because I'm not sure what will happen next.
  5. Princess and A la Mode have many great transfromation scenes. Cure Scarlet, Twinkle , Gelato and Custard are my favorites
  6. general Least Liked Character?

    I was never a big fan of Cure Happy. She is fine, but for the lead Cure, which is very underwhelming. Her catchphrases are pretty annoying ,too.
  7. What's your favorite mahou shoujo anime?

    For me it's Madoka Magica, Utena, Precure (duh) and Mai-Hime. The second Cardcaptor Sakura Movie is awesome, too (I'm not the biggest fan of show in general, but it's still very good). I really need to watch Shugo Chara and Sailor Moon at soome point. So far I put of SM by watching crystal and reading the manga, since watching it alongside Precure is not an easy task.
  8. Heartcatch is the best by far when it comes to fight scene. Not only has it some of the best fight in the series, most of the smaller fight are great as well. Smile and Princess have several awesome fight scenes as well.
  9. general Favorite HeartCatch Cure?

    It pretty close, but Tsukikage Yuri is my favorite cure from HC. Second place goes to Tsubomi.
  10. poll Favorite Go! Princess Cure?

    It has to be Cure Twinkle. She is so likeable on top of being an interesting character in general. Her develpoment was great as well.
  11. Tsubomi X Erika Reika x Miyuki Kirara X Towa Minami x Haruka
  12. I was always a huge fan of the magical girl genre and I was always watching at least one show at all times, but I never went all in on it until recently. Usually I don't like show that are too long, but it really helps that I can watch precure seasons out of order. I'm very glad that I did since it's now of one my favorite anime, certianly my favorite long running anime.
  13. That would be Lock and Close. I also really like Joker and Majorina. The villains from Heartcatch were fun as well.
  14. From the 3 series I watched so far, Heartcatch is at the top, very cloesly followed by Princess. Smile is at the bottom, but I still think it's great.