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  1. Hi. This is your friend Brendan from facebook. 

    1. CureBlossom


      Hey Brendan, how's it going?

    2. BrendanNagisaX
  2. I loved this episode too. Ichika is just so cute...I think she's my new favourite this season. ^_^
  3. Im kentawong94!

    Hello kentawong94, and welcome to the forums! I believe we've already spoken on Discord. Your artwork looks great btw. I'm jealous. ^_^
  4. I watched both this episode and the one before it back-to-back recently because I was unable to watch them when they aired. Thus this will be somewhat of a combined review. Bibury and Ciel are both great characters that I want to know more about, specifically the latter's relation to Pekorin. Is she one of the fairies from the mountain? It seems likely. Bibury's and Julio's realm appears to be really dark, and likely devoid of kirakirau. Because of this I think that it is very likely that their goal may actually be to save their world...by sacrificing ours. Though of course Ichika and friends will save the day by teaching them how to make their own kirakirau. World saved. ^_^ ...but I'm not convinced that it'll be that simple, precisely because a running theme in this series is unpredictability. We had no idea Aoi was loaded until we were literally at the front door of her mansion; likewise with Yukari. I suppose some casual viewers could have assumed Akira was a boy for a bit, but for the rest of us it's common sense that she wasn't. And the biggest surprise, at least for me, was Julio's extremely early reveal. Back when he first took on his civilian form, I was assuming he'd be like that for most of the series, developing a relationship with Ichika, secretly plotting against the Precure...but nope! He's already been replaced by Bibury(thought I doubt we've seen the last of him). I can't help but wonder what other unexpected events will occur in this series, and that makes me excited.
  5. fun game Word Association Game

  6. fun counter Count to 2018 before 2018

    328. We won't be able to finish it at this rate.
  7. general Favorite screenshots?

    This happens to me a lot, but I don't always capture them. In this case I did though, because I thought Rikka's expression was hilarious:
  8. Momo is diving in!

    Hello Momo, and welcome to the forums! Wow, another Fire Emblem fan! I've been a fan ever since I purchased Path of Radiance on the GameCube several years ago now. I'll definitely check out your channel later. ^_^
  9. Hello =3

    Welcome to the forums sweetcustard! I hope you enjoy your time here. ^_^
  10. Gokigenyou!! from Canada

    Hello Teisha, and welcome to the forums. I'm also Canadian. I didn't realize there were so many Precure fans here haha. ^_^
  11. Hey!

    Welcome to the forums Tyler! I'm also from Ontario, and you can probably tell that I love Blossom too. ^^
  12. Konnichiwa

    Hello and welcome to the forums! ^_^
  13. general What's your favorite Precure film?

    My favourite All Stars movie was New Stage 3; it had the best fight scenes in the series IMO. I haven't watched all the series-specific movies yet, but from the ones I've seen my stand-out favourite is the Heartcatch movie. I've watched it several times already. The second PC5 movie was also very good.
  14. What is your favorite place/city that you wish to visit?

    1-Tokyo, Japan 2-Oslo, Norway 3-Paris, France 4-St. Petersburg, Russia 5-Buenos Aires, Argentina
  15. Hey!

    Hello, and welcome to the forums! ^_^