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    Trigger warning for blood, violence, death, and murder. I promise that I'll make a light-hearted chapter for epsiode 5! Chapter Text Opening: Go heroes! Shojo ☆ Pretty Cure! Episode 4: A monster's awakening! The murderer and the Monako! Kohura and Heartshine were in Kohura’s backyard, sitting down on the grass resembling the smell of blooming flowers. It was sunny, cherry blossoms fell, and Heartshine paced eagerly. Heartshine stopped for a second, and thought to herself. Staring into blank space, she thought. I 've found 2 Pretty Cure Hafa~! But are those all the Pretty Cure? Because even if not, that should be enough for the Shizuku's defeat, right ~Hafa? Kohura glanced over at Heartshine. “Heartshine?” Heartshine replied, “Yes, Ko-chan?” imitating Hinata in a very mocking manner. Kohura’s face grew hot due to anger. She stared at Heartshine for a little while. “What kind of shit….” No one else besides Hinata could call her ‘Ko-chan’. “Heartshine. What kind of alien to you think you are? Were you intending to mock..Hinata?” “Of course, I was indeed mocking Hinata. ” Heartshine replied, rolling her eyes. Kohura decided to stop and decided to go back on topic. “Heartshine, I have three questions for you. One, why are you calling me Ko-chan? Two, are you a boy or a girl? I do not like males, at all. And three, why do you say Hafa?” I do not like males. I do not like them in general nor romantically. The only male I like, ever, was my father. Heartshine walked towards Kohura. “I was mocking Hinata-” “Well, don’t do it again, ever.” Kohura said as the redness left her face. “Now to finish answering your questions. I am a female, Kohura, a ‘girl’. I like to say ~Hafa, and all fairies say something at the end of their sentences. It’s our suffixes or ‘catchphrases.’” She paused for a couple of seconds. “Why do you not like males?” “I killed one...once. On accident. Everytime I see one, I get scared. I panic...he might die, I..” Kohura said in a guilty tone. “Who Kohura, ~Hafa?” “My father..” Heartshine tried to keep calm but her body did not obey her. She stared at Kohura with wide eyes and a shocked expression. “Why did you kill him? I mean...that’s a big thing to do…~Hafa.” “You….don’t need to know.” Kohura said as she ran far away, away from Heartshine, away from everyone, trying to hide her tears that wouldn’t leave her face. She stopped, and hid behind a large, bright cherry tree. After her tears starting to dry, she took her phone out of her pocket and began to dial Hinata’s number. She waited for Hinata to pick up. She waited, waited, and waited. No answer. Nonetheless, she tried once more. When she was about to put the phone down, Hinata finally picked up. “Hello Ko-chan?” “Hinata…” “What?” “Don’t you remember the time I told you...about..the incident..” “When you killed him?” “Yes...that’s it. Did you tell anyone?” “Of course not, Ko-chan. Why would I when I promised not to.” “I was just making sure..” “But Ko-chan...please. Tell me, why did you really kill him , and was it really you?” “Well. Okay. It happened ten years ago, when I was five years old. Our house caught on fire. I had to wake up both of my parents. It was too late, and he had to throw me out of the window like he did with my mother. The firefighters were there and it was safe to jump but...he died in the fire and he lost his life to save me. He’s dead, and if I didn’t exist, he would be alive…I’m….a murderer..” “Ko-chan..I’m sorry that that has happened to you. It was not-” Eyecatch one: Kohura buys Hinata a bag of chocolate but it turns out that Heartshine was inside the bag all along, eating it, and the bag is now empty. Kohura drops her phone to cry but picks it back up shortly, while still crying. “Yes! I did Hinata...it’s all my fault...all my fault. I should’ve jumped out the window faster but instead I was scared. I’m such a coward..” “You’re-” She yelled as she cut off Hinata. “STOP IT! It is……I...I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” While wiping overflowing tears, she hung up. “I already know that I’m a bad person. No one like me should ever, ever be a Pretty Cure in the first place. But it’s ok...I still have mom after all.” After saying this, she got up and walked back home. *** Shizuku sat down on the floor, but shortly got back up and began pacing. I’m going to be defeated if I do not defeat the precure myself. I need to change my plans, ideas, I need a new type of monster, now. I need to make, a Naedo. “Shizuku. Please don’t get any ideas.” Mizuyu said as she stared at Shizuku. “And don’t worry, you can try to kill them all you like but please remember, I will be released from here. The Pretty Cure will save me.” Shizuku walked forward and put black grass, a red dress, and a green acid-like substance on her black table. I want to make a Naedo! Shizuku got a bot and put all of this is a bottle, and black smoke began to release from the bottle. A silhouette of a body started to form until a tall, pale, and red haired Monako who looked like an adult female appeared. “Shizuku-sama.” Naedo said as she began to walk towards Shizuku. “Yes! I’ve made you Naedo.” “My name is ...Naedo, mistress-sama?” “Yes. Now, go kill the Pretty Cure for me. You have attacks that you will use when the time comes.” *** Kohura decided that she was going to resolve the phone-hangup issue once and more all, by going to Hinata’s house. She knocked on the house door, and Hinata was the one to answer. Kohura took a deep breath and tried to say sorry. “Hinata?” “Yes, Ko-chan?” “Sorry about how I hung up, earlier…” “It’s fine, Ko-chan.” “I just get really upset over that event that happened awhile ago.” Kohura said as she started to cry, but held in her tears. “Ko-chan.” Hinata said while holding Kohura. “You’re not a murderer. It was not your fault.” “Maybe you’re right. My father was a nice person, a hero, but he’s gone now.” Kohura said while starting to cry. “Ko-chan..you’re such a crybaby.” Hinata lifted Kohura’s face towards her and gave her a kiss. “Yes Hinata, I am a crybaby. And crybabies need to be loved. Maybe you should kiss me ag-” Kohura was cut off as an highly eager Izumu ran towards the girls with a plateful of oatmeal raisin cookies. “GIRLS! Come on, I’ve made more cookies!” Izumi shouted with all her might. “ Izumi. ” Kohura and Hinata sighed. “But, the cookies are good.” Kohura said. “Better than a kiss” Hinata teased. ”Girls, just get one..” Izumi said impatiently and shortly, had to leave. “I have to go to work! That is, on my computer.” She gave Kohura a kiss and went upstairs. *** “So are those two the Pretty Cure? Meh, I was expecting much more than school girls.” Naedo said as she spied through Kohura’s house window. “How can I defeat such weaklings?” Naedo asked herself with a chuckle. “I have something to do though, and I need to stop joking around.” Unfortunately, she said her last sentence too loud and it got the attention of Kohura and Hinata. “Ko-chan! What is that!” “I think it’s a lady? What the hell is she doing there?” “I am Naedo.” “Naedo?” Hinata and Kohura exclaimed at the same time. “Yes, I am one of Shizuku’s servansts. If it’s not obvious, I am here solely to kill the Pretty Cure, and that is you.” Naedo said with smile. “Should we transform Ko-chan?” “No, wait Hinata. If we attack too early, we may waste our power.” “Ok Ko-chan, yeah, right.” Tentacles emerged from Naedo’s back and made their way through Kohura’s house, up the stairs, and grabbed Kohura’s mother, Izumi. “Ko-chan!” “What the fuck!” “Geez, Ko-chan.” “We have to transform, now, Hinata! Who knows what else that squid will do!” Kohura and Hinata held hands and transformed. “Sparkling like the glimmer of a diamond, Cure Gem!" "Flying like the wings of an angel, Cure Angel! “The capture of a mother is unforgivable, we will both defeat you!” "We are the protectors of love and defeat those who hate it!" “Ruby Gem Burst!” Hinata shouts. Naedo runs and shoves Hinata before she can finish the attack, wasting Hinata’s power used from trying to do the attack “You little- Sapphire Angel Burst!” Shizuku ducked aside. “Missed again, sweetheart. Try again next time!” Naedo said as she stabbed Kohura lightly with miniature knives that she pulled from her pockets. “Haha.” Kohura fell over with wounds all over her body. “This...is no laughing matter.” Naedo mocked them and laughed. “Yeah, sure it is. But girls, I am not looking to defeat you specifically. Watch this.” Naedo made a black cloud of smoke that caused everyone to start choking and the smoke made it nearly impossible to see. However, while no one noticed, she stabbed Izumi as hard as possible. Blood began to release from the small, deep wound. It stained Naedo’s hands shortly before Naedo removed the knife. “Mom?” Kohura asked after the black smoke started to fade and she was able to breathe easily. She walked forward and saw Izumi’s body. She gasped in horror before running towards her mother. “Young lady.” “Mother. It’s ok, you’ll be fine, pleas-” “You’ll be fine Kohura, but not me. I’m going to die so I can be in the same place as your father.” “No. You’ll be ok!” Kohura said as she began to cry for the third time. “Goodbye Kohura. Even though I’ve been rude to you, I still love you. Please save the world like you’re supposed to, Pretty Cure.” Izumi said as her breathing rate began to slow down. Slower, slower, and slower. Until she finally exhaled for the last time.. “What..Hinata, is Izumi gone?” “Y-yes.” Was all Hinata managed to mutter. “Naedo! Why would you do something like...this...it’s unfair!” Kohura said between loud crying. “Aww. Mommy’s gone now..” Naedo said sarcastically. “Now to kill you.” Kohura wiped her tears excessively. “I know...there is some way I can defeat you..” And a bright purple light began to emerge from her chest. Eyecatch two: Kohura and Hinata are seen at Izumi’s funeral and Heartshine cries the loudest. “Kohura!” “Heartshine. Where did you come from?” “You can do a new attack! After the item appears, shout ‘Halation Sapphire Echo!’, RIGHT AFTER IT ARRIVES!” Heartshine yells as loudly as possible. The purple light turns into a purple rod shaped like a heart, with white sapphires on the sides. So this is my new item. It looks nice, but does it work as good? “HALATION SAPPHIRE ECHO!” Kohura shouts with all of her might. Tiny purple arrows studded with purple sapphires stabbed Naedo repeatedly. She tried to avoid them, but they followed her. She tried to use black smoke to confuse the arrows, but in the end, she became unconscious due to the power that the arrows had. The ones that Kohura’s attack have are not ordinary arrows and can cause anyone to be unconscious, if not used with caution. “No...I do not get defeated! I do have next time, and your mother is still dead!” Naedo shouted as she teleported using the same black smoke from earlier. *** Hinata and Kohura de-transformed and began to go back into Hinata’s house. “Hinata.” Kohura said a she buried her head inside of Hinata’s chest.“My mother is gone now. She’s dead too. I have no family members now! Why..” “Ko-chan. I liked her too. It’s ok Kohura. We need to finish our mission.” “You’re right. We have to save the world as Pretty Cure. But Izumi, I’ll never forget you.” Kohura said while wiping another tear. “You are a crybaby, Kohura.” Hinata said as she kissed Kohura again. Ending: It’s the heart that counts~ Episode 5 preview: Heartshine; So...Kohura, do you like Kyoto? Hinata: Really Ko-chan? I thought you were my girlfriend.. Kohura: No! Kyoto and I are just friends!
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    SAILOR MOON DISCUSSION THREAD Tsukino Usagi is a 14-year-old girl in junior high. She's ditzy, whiny, and a crybaby. She often flunks her tests, and she is always scolded by her family. However after a bad day, Usagi is surprised to encounter a black cat that can talk! The cat, Luna, grants Usagi the power to transform into Sailor Moon, a fighter who is to save the world against the Dark Kingdom and its evil ruler, Queen Beryl. Of course, Usagi can't do it alone, and there are others who will help her on the way...
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