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  1. general Doki Doki Glitter Force...

    Here is the trailer in spanish!
  2. Thanks to the user @sunday555monday in twitter to upload this image!! Link: https://twitter.com/SUNDAY555MONDAY/status/893135898862174208 They say that the next season is gonna be about precure all stars... do you think that is really gonna happen or not? is gonna work? i think it would be nice to see all precure in one season but i don't know if the story will be good...
  3. Hi!

    Welcome to the forum!!!
  4. general Doki Doki Glitter Force...

    with season 3&4 that means they are gonna be 2 seasons of dokidoki right?... i hope there will be merchandise at least with this season. Hola,es bueno encontrar a otro latino en el foro jaja Ahora te mando un mensaje privado asi hablamos mejor,cure white es genial
  5. general Doki Doki Glitter Force...

    i have mixed feelings about this: it makes me happy that i'm going to see precure in tv and there will be new fans,but it makes me angry that the anime is not gonna be promoted and the dub in spanish latin is gonna be terrible,oh my god...
  6. fun game The Person with the last post wins!

    i win
  7. Youtuber who loves these types of anime..

    Welcome to the forum! I love aikatsu and pripara too! who is your favorite idol from those animes? of aikatsu,i like risa,yurika,yume and mahiru. And from pripara i like sophie,aroma and shion
  8. Hello, precure!

    Welcome to the forum
  9. news PreCure Goes Mobile (Smartphone Game) UPDATED

    More info about the game! - You can add friends and they can send you hearts (the hearts are lives in the game) - you can use coins to buy items that make you stronger,when you're gonna be in a fight. Also,you can use them to buy tickets,the tickets is for have more cards (characters.) - the characters have from 1 star to 4 stars. The characters with 4 and 5 stars are more powerful. The maximum level of characters with 3 stars is level 35. - everytime you log in to the game,you can recieve gifts. - if you have the same card of your character,your habilities they level up. And sorry if my english is bad By the way,add me please!
  10. news PreCure Goes Mobile (Smartphone Game) UPDATED

    I have the game in my phone and i love it !!!! You can download the game here: https://apps.qoo-app.com/app/4986 the game is only in japanese and the mode of the game is like candy crush and you have new characters if you buy them using diamonds.
  11. Hello!

  12. spoiler Sixth Precure is leaked [SPOILER]

    she is cure felice 2.0 is nice to see another green cure in the anime.
  13. What's your favorite game console?

    playstation 1,2,4 and xbox 360
  14. I'm new here, from USA

    Welcome to the forum
  15. What's your favorite Anime?

    precure,aikatsu - aikatsu stars,pripara,fullmetal alchemist,death note,hellsing,blood +,blood c.