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  1. My favorite place is Tokyo, New York, and Paris
  2. fun game Precure Melee

    Cure Macaron +1 = 12 Cure Rosetta -1 = 8
  3. hello!! ^w^

    Hi, Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  4. Momo is diving in!

    Hello Momo! Welcome to the forums. I'm a Fire Emblem fans too, but not much... well. I'll check out your channel later, but I'm focusing on my studies that I'm very busy it.
  5. Im kentawong94!

    Hello kentawong94! and Welcome to the forums Have a good day/night~
  6. Hey I'm New!

    Hello! Welcome to the forums
  7. fun counter Count to 2018 before 2018

    306. Whoa..
  8. Goodbye from HollyLuna

  9. My Face revealed :blush::relieved:

  10. Goodbye from HollyLuna

    Thanks, and I will miss you too @BrendanWh hmm... Retired Staff c:
  11. Goodbye from HollyLuna

    Well, thanks ^_^ And... thanks, but I noticed you became a co-administrator that I saw it in a few days ago. good luck
  12. Goodbye from HollyLuna

    Dear staff & members, First I would like to start off by saying, that I would consider some of you guys friends. I have met so many awesome people in this community. This pains me to say but I'm too busy in my life right now to be able to enjoy this forum as I once had. I'm leaving Pretty Cure Forum staff team. Time for shoutout, @BrendanWh - The one of the founder/administrator as I liked it, and probably my favorite person on the site. He's funny, smart, kind, and hardworking as well. Also, I love your artwork that's awesome. I'm going to miss you a lot <3 @CureBlossom - Welcome to PCF staff team, as a co-administrator! So nice, blossoming! ^_^ @CureNa11 - You're a nice person @Cure Samantha - In February 2017, You're a funny person who went from donor to admin like a week after your application which isn't fair (I'm jealous) x3. You will be missed a lot by me as well <3 @SweetLilac - You're an amazing person, and I talked to her on Skype. Ily <3 I am going to miss it around here. I love you all so much <3 I hope that everyone continue to enjoy Pretty Cure Forum! ^_^ See you guys soon or later. Be safe. Best wishes, Holly
  13. fun game The Person with the last post wins!

    I'm win
  14. fun counter Count to 100,000,000,000,000 for a world record!

    31. I'm here! ><
  15. fun game Word Association Game