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  1. general Which season would you like a sequel to?

    Interesting.....How about a sequel to Happiness Charge, I mean we do have International Precure so.....A series focusing on a new International Cure or maybe even a series starring one of the international Cure from the original Happiness Charge (The Hawaiian duo PLEASE!!!)
  2. general Favorite cure color

    Surprisingly hard actually.....I'll say Blue, mainly due to all there Cure's having st least one thing I like about them....And oh yeah one of my three favorite Precure of all time is a Blue Cure (Cure Marine if your wondering! XD)
  3. Personally...I really hated it....It not only had a lot of missed opportunities, but it also had one of the most blatant toy placements ever in a Pretty Cure series!! Next weeks episode is looking pretty good though! ^_^
  4. I wanted to share this awesome Abridged series I found online, it'll really make you laugh, I guarantee it!
  5. What's your favourite ice-cream flavour?

    Personally though...I like classic vanilla, chocolate, and blackcurrant sorbet, I actually live close to a Luca's Ice Cream shop, and it was really hard to choose a favourite!!
  6. Meh....I haven't watched the series yet, gonna watch the series when I get some time to watch Netflix.
  7. Cure Chocolat / Akira Kenjou Fanclub

    Woop, woop! First member!!
  8. poll Best Precure Series? (Updated Polls)

    Go! Princess Precure, had really good designs, music, villains, animation surprisingly, and most of all, awesome characters!! It also dethroned Erika/Cure Marine from being my favourite Precure, to my second favourite, who's my favourite Cure? Cure Flora without question, it also had one of the cutest and awesome mascots in the form of Pafu and Arouma!!
  9. Cure Chocolat / Akira Kenjou Fanclub

    Cure Chocolat / Akira Kenjou Fanclub Club Leader: @QueenofChocolate Ah Cure Chocolat, the closest thing we might have to a male Precure....You can share: Fanfiction links, Fanart, and general talks about this awesome Cure! Feel free to join here! ^_^
  10. Cure Macaron / Yukari Kotozume Fanclub

    I really wanna join, Cure Macaron might have not only one of my favourite designs out of any Precure.....And that's saying a lot...She's actually my second favourite Cure from Kira Kira, right behind Cure Gelato!!
  11. Anti-Glitter Force Fanclubs

    I really wanna join this club, I really dislike the Glitter Force dubs by Saban, I personally think they sounded possibly worse than 4kids....Not even joking....I'm maybe gonna watch Doki Doki though....Mainly for Ben Diskin, and to maybe see how bad it could be! 0_0
  12. I really didn't like the trailer, it just sounded a little cringey, but the reason I could watch this dub is one voice actor, Ben Diskin, his voice for Ira sounds like if Numbuh One went crazy and I love it!!
  13. poll Favourite KiraKira Cure?

    Surprisingly hard actually....But....It's gotta be Gelato!! XD
  14. general How did you first get interested in Precure?

    I first got introduced to Precure by Anime America's top 10 Anime transformations, then a wee while later, I checked out some of the Precure designs....And I got hooked to them instantly, I then watched Glitter Force.....I found it to be cheesy and a little off..... Then came along Precure Spoof Stars, and Heartcatch Precure Abridged by PSWeasel....And I absolutely loved it!! The humor was well executed, the characters memorable, and the editing was good, especially in Heartcatch. Then I checked out the original Smile Precure, and.....On that note.....Precure became one of my favourite long running anime and magical girl anime today.....
  15. news Saban lost the Glitter Force trademark

    I can't tell you how happy I am...