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  1. welp, amazon has listed a glitter force book by kodansha, the same publisher of the smile manga, keep in mind the date listed is most likely a preoder date, amazon uk says it's going be released in june 28 of next year i'm actually hyped for this! finally, i can read a precure manga, and we are getting physical merch,I just want to buy a cure peace figure cheaper than $25! https://www.amazon.com/Glitter-Force-Izumi-Todo/dp/1632363623/ref=sr_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1507589681&sr=8-23&keywords=glitter+force
  2. we meant plot whise stuff, science fiction, magical girls, science fiction, magical girls, see the difference? again PLEASE stay on topic
  3. those shows have nothing to do with precure or glitter force, if you want to make a glitter force topic, fine, but do it about glitter force, not 7-zark-7, not scrooge mcduck, not saber rider, not the star sherrifs, what those shows that most people in this forum haven't heard have to do with glitter force? PLEASE stay on topic, ok?
  4. the fresh team team is going to be added next! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  5. what's with the specific complains,i know there is nitpicking, but you are complianing about 2 franchises that have nothing to do with each other, PLEASE stay on topic
  6. general Pretty Cure Is Becoming 4Kids

    pretty cure was always made for little kids, not pre-teens, its a series written to sell toys, heck the kirakira pretty cure costumes for kids are made for 4-8 size kids localized dubs have exited long before 4kids, just because 4kids made it infamous doens't mean every localized dub deserves to get that label you can do nothing about it my friend, all your whining and complaing wont' stop this from happening what is done is done, not to mention there are a lot of precure fans that wouldn't be here without it
  7. general Doki Doki Glitter Force...

    no problem!
  8. general Doki Doki Glitter Force...

    a latino VA posted she's working on the latino dub though: good news for latino fans: the dub will be done in colombia instead of maimi (thank god!) buenas noticias para fans latinos: el doblaje sera hecho en colombia en vez de maimi (gracias a dios!)
  9. Doctor Who

    i love doctor who! i should rewatch it though, it's been about 3 years since i saw it for the first time with the 9th doctor! my favorites are the 10th and 11th! i should get ready for the 13th! (i hope he's ginger ^-^)
  10. poll Glitter Force opinions.

    yup, i meant that
  11. general Na11's Request Shop

    are they still open?
  12. poll Glitter Force opinions.

    i think it's decent, i was never a big fan of smile in the first place, but just makes me SO HAPPY (or should i say ultra happy!) seeing little girls enjoying glitter force and even making parties or cosplays arounf it, i just never thought that i'll never even be possible! i know a lot people are going to hate me for this but i rank glitter force over happiness charge and maho girls, happiness charge is just waste potential and maho girls is boring (keep in mind this is my opinion)