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  1. spoiler Leaks - Hugtto Precure

    Um... What's a Hugttot?
  2. general Doki Doki Glitter Force...

    This dub was made before the rights returned to Toei, so the DokiDoki dub is unfortunately going to be more like Smile.
  3. I hate the title. It doesn't roll off the tongue at all, and it's actually kinda difficult to pronounce. "Heartpounding Glitter Force" not only would've translated "Dokidoki" accurately (as its the onomatapea for heartbeat), but it also would've rolled off the tongue nicely.
  4. general What's your favorite pairings?

    NagiHono (Nagisa x Honoka) SakiMai (Saki x Mai)
  5. general Doki Doki Glitter Force...

    What the fuck?? How the fuck did DokiDoki Glitter Force manage to be published to the world? Well, I suppose it shouldn't surprise me - Saban lost the trademark, so they either never get DDGF out, or they only get DDGF out. I was hoping it would be the former, and not the latter... However - I doubt Saban had anything in development for Glitter Force outside of the DokiDoki dub prior to the loss of the trademark, so once DDGF ends, we'll never see Glitter Force again. Hopefully. Maybe. I'm probably wrong.
  6. general Doki Doki Glitter Force...

    This dub likely isn't going to happen - Saban lost the trademark while it was still in development, so now this is most likely in development hell.
  7. Anti-Glitter Force Fanclubs

    *raises hand* Ooh! Ooh! I'll join! I'm so glad Saban lost the trademark. 4kids-style dubs shouldn't be allowed to succeed nowadays.
  8. Recently, Saban lost the Glitter Force trademark due to not using it for six months - so it has returned to Toei. What does this mean for Glitter Force? There was a Dokidoki dub planned for it, so what will be its fate? Honestly? I hope this means Glitter Force failed. Even for a kids' show, the dubbing practices of the 90s are horribly outdated. Saban basically took every lesson dubbing companies learned for the past two (almost three!) decades and threw them out the window. In addition, due to Glitter Force's existence, other countries (such as Italy and Spain) which were already airing other seasons of Pretty Cure (such as Heart Catch) were forced to air Glitter Force instead. So really, for the most part this is beneficial for everyone. However, Glitter Force's failure could be a double-edged sword - on one hand it shows that the dubbing practices of the 90s don't fly anymore and that dubbing companies that still use these practices need to get their shit together, but on the other it may cause Toei to think that there's no audience for Pretty Cure in the United States - when obviously this isn't the case. Personally, I'm content with fansubs, but official subs for all seasons and proper dubs for said seasons would be nice.
  9. Howdy y'all!

    Hello there, I found this website after I found the discord server when I was looking for PreCure-community discord servers! I've finished both Futari wa and Max Heart, I've watched both Max Heart movies, and I'm currently watching Splash Star. Out of the seasons I finished, my favorite cure is Cure White! Not like I have much of a choice though, since there's only three cures in the Max Heart continuity...