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  1. What's your favorite color?

    I love Pink and Blue
  2. Hey I'm New!

  3. What's your favorite operating system?

    Windows 7 and 10.
  4. general Favorite cure color

    Blue cures!! that they're awesome so far.
  5. general What is Your Favorite Precure Villain?

    My favorite Precure Villain are; Left to Right: Marmo, Bel, and Ira (from DokiDoki) [Trio the Minor] Left to Right; Falsetto, Baritone, and Bassdrum (from Suite) /Except; Siren Kumojaki (from HeartCatch) Wolfrun (from Smile) Giulio (from KiraKira)
  6. tournament ★ Cure Queen ★ Round 4!

    So voted
  7. Hey I'm New!

    Hey, my first post!! I find this website from Google just random XD! I decided to joining this forum so excited *high fives* My favorite cures; Cure Marine, Cure Heart, Cure Flora, Cure White, Cure Blossom, and Cure Whip. My favorite season; Go Princess, HatchCatch, Happiness Charge, DokiDoki, and KiraKira so far. Nice to meet you, everyone! PS: You can call me as "Amanda" or whatever =3