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  1. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    Trying Manga effects! Cure Bamboo and Cure Lotus Manga style page And a special Cure Gelato image!
  2. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    Movie Exclusive Cures Cure Hero and Cure Magic! Hiro aka Hero deals with Self-Esteem in being a Hero-nerd in helping others, while Sabrina aka Magic is a talented girl who wishes to perform magic tricks to help people be surprised. Hiro's motto: A hero is not what your actions do, but rather what your next move is. Sabrina's motto: Magic tricks is NOT for tricking people, its performed outta surprises!
  3. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    9th Precure OC Team, Powerful Sports Precure! Collab with the amazing (hielorei) New 9th Precure crew! Their motif is sports and trusting bonds. Red: Cure Base Blue Cure Soccer Green: Cure Tennis Yellow: Cure Rugby Purple: Cure Hockey Orange: Cure Brawler (New Addition Cure) Pre-concept arts:
  4. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    Thanks! One more team I recently created with a famous Precure OC artist on the way!
  5. general Doki Doki Glitter Force...

    Are you kidding me? Smile Precure IS the Japanese dub!
  6. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    7th Precure Team: Dance2gether Precure Cure Hiphop (Orange), Aerobics (Pink) and bonus Cure, Cure Capoeria Motto: Dance out for your life! Battle hard and strive! We'll use our passion and dance until everything is right!
  7. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    6th Precure Team: Tick Tock Precure Cure Morning, Midnight and bonus Cure, Cure Eventide Motto: Shining Bright, Shimmering Night. Let our new hope bring you light!
  8. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    Lol thanks. More to come, again
  9. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    5th team Personality Precure! Cure Cheerful (Blue), Angry (Red), Timid (Green) and Delight (Yellow) Motto: Saving the world is hard when you have to maintain your emotions. Just fight and look out for the world yourself!
  10. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    4th team: Oriental Girls Precure Cure Bamboo and Lotus Motto: With the Spirit of Nature and Water, Monsters be purified and exorcised back to the underworld!
  11. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    3rd team; Fight! Adventure Precure. Cure Monkey (red), Cure Rocky (green), Cure Typhoon (blue) and Bonus cure, Cure Wildfire (Orange)
  12. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    Thanks! More to come
  13. kentawong94 Artwork and OCs!

    Thank you! More to come next