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    precure & other magical girl anime!! my favorites besides precure are princess tutu, little witch academia, and cardcaptor sakura. i also love jojo's bizarre adventure, pokemon, and star vs the forces of evil

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    Cute Macaron
  1. Urahara

    urahara is a new magical girl scifi anime that just aired its first episode, and i love it so far!! you can watch it here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/urahara
  2. What's your favorite mahou shoujo anime?

    the only magical girl anime i like more than precure is princess tutu, it's amazing!!
  3. fun game Precure Melee

    cure macaron +1 = 11 cure rosetta -1 = 9
  4. Cure Macaron / Yukari Kotozume Fanclub

    i'll join!! kotozume is my favorite cure!!
  5. i would love to see a sequel to mahou girls, where they go to magic college! or a prequel to heartcatch starring cure flower!
  6. general Least Liked Character?

    i really dislike cure rosetta
  7. general What's your favorite pairings?

    mirai x riko mana x regina akira x yukari tsubomi x itsuki siren x hummy rikka x ira ichika x ciel
  8. general What is Your Favorite Precure Villain?

    julio is my absolute favorite!!!! also regina
  9. general Favorite cure color

    purple cures are always great!!!
  10. episode 49 is my favorite episode of all of precure, it made me cry!! i also think mahou girls has the best team, with all 3 girls being really well developed and having a great relationship with the others. like a family of 2 mothers and a daughter!!
  11. i loved this episode!! it's so great to see bibury being part of the kirapati team.
  12. my friend who likes precure was excited about kirakira airing, so i decided to check it out. i liked it a lot so i watched heartcatch next. a few months later and i've seen most of the seasons!
  13. hello!! ^w^

    my name is emma!! i'm 20 years old and i just recently got into precure. i've seen every season from heartcatch to kirakira (except hacha) and i'm going to watch the older seasons soon!! i found this website through google because i was looking for a place to talk about precure, my favorite series is kirakira, and my favorite cure is cure macaron (but i also love blossom, beat, miracle, and chocolat)!