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  1. I enjoyed this episode, but it's great
  2. general What is Your Favorite Precure Villain?

    Wolfrun, Close, Ira and Mephisto
  3. fun counter Count to 2018 before 2018

  4. Doctor Who

    I love Doctor Who fangirl. My favorite companion is Rose Tyler and Clara Oswald and my favorite Doctor is the tenth too.
  5. general Favorite cure color

    Hmm. Purple cures because it's awesome, but the Pink cures is the strong leader that my favorite.
  6. The OPs: Suite Precure OP #1, and Go! Princess OP #2 The EDs: Fresh EP #1, DokiDoki ED #2, Suite ED #3, and KKPC ED #1 so far.
  7. This is the "Lounge" discussion, but not Precure in the Lounge... Here's the discussion; https://prettycureforum.net/forum/10-precure-general-discussion/ XD. *wink* 1) Super Happiness Lovely from HappinessCharge movie. 2) Cure Heart (Engage Mode) from DokiDoki movie. I haven't watched Yes! Precure 5/GoGo movies yet. I'm really need to watch it as soon as possible.
  8. I love Mahou Shoujo that I got Sailor Moon and Mermaid Melody <3. I saw my friend posted on Facebook. I came across Pretty Cure, then I started to watching DokiDoki and I really like Precure
  9. fun game Defeat Something with Something

    throw and drying
  10. Cure Macaron / Yukari Kotozume Fanclub

    Yaya! <3 *joining*
  11. What's your favorite operating system?

    Windows 7 and Windows XP
  12. Last night, I watched it that amazing~. I love Cure Macaron
  13. What was the last thing you ate?

    Boiled Eggs ^.^
  14. fun random What color I think of?

  15. Hello!

    Thanks ^^