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  1. (Please note that this thread often features imaginary news reports and reviews. These albums are sadly not available. XD Also songs listed here as written by the precure in their world, were written by different people in THIS world. No copyright infringement is intended - please don't sue Cure Yuri! ;.;) Finally... I'd like to get some of my fellow fans to post some stuff here later on... if you're interested in doing a short written piece for this...let me know. )
  2. pg-13 Precure Resistance Force

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the Prologue of a Precure fanfic I have been planning out for some time now. It stars each of the Cures from all seasons up to and including á la Mode, and I plan to keep original characters to a minimum. Thus the story will be fairly spoiler-heavy, what with drawing inspiration from every series, so be warned about that. I should also mention that it will be PG-13, as it will include romance and violence, though nothing overly graphic as to abide by the rules(and more generally because that's not my style). Precure Resistance Force Prologue A cold breeze blew through the ocean air as the waves crashed against the shoreline. The sound of thunder could be heard crackling in the distance, coming ever closer with each subsequent lightning strike. And all the while, rain poured from the sky like a thousand fire hydrants exploding at once. But that was all above the water's surface. Down beneath the waves things felt more calm, as schools of fish and a lone dolphin swam along unbeknownst to the events above them. And also, in fact, to the events further below. Traveling to the very bottom of the ocean, beyond where the fiercest of sharks and the largest squid would dare venture, at the very bottom of the Earth's deepest trench, one would find one of the planet's last remaining mysteries. It is what appears to be a reef, harder than the hardest diamonds, and nearly a kilometre in diameter. Emanating a red glow reminiscent of molten lava, it was the only source of light in what would otherwise be the eternal darkness of the seafloor. It had remained there, hidden from human eyes-and in fact from eyes of all kinds-for eons, with no one alive aware of the evil that was soon to be upon them. That is, until the day when the most massive earthquake of modern times, of an unprecedented magnitude 9.8, struck the northern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan. The earth shook, and this time not even the seas were spared as the smallest fish and the biggest whales were swept up in the current. And down in the deepest trench, that impossibly firm reef began to crack, as a black ooze slowly dripped from the newly opened crevices. And as this happened, a second source of light began to appear: a ray of golden energy shining into a cavern that had literally never seen the light of day. And while the reef was being overcome by the ooze, a trio of star-shaped objects created by the sunlight were circling around it, steadily increasing in speed until finally the silhouette of a young woman began to appear. Similarly, a metallic grey face with bright red eyes was forming out of the ooze as the final remnants of the reef shattered into nothingness. By then the transformation was complete, and there now stood a humanoid form, nearly three metres tall, with a body made completely out of that black ooze. That is, except for the red glow coming from where his eyes should have been. "Ahhhhhhh, hahahahaha!" he shouted, seemingly unaffected by the water pressure, or in deed the water itself. "At long last, I am free!" He then looked upwards with a toothless smile. "But I see I am not alone...Cure Empress." Where the light had shone there now stood a woman with long green hair, seemingly unaffected by the water around her. She was wearing a short, long-sleeved white dress with pink and blue trim along the edges, and a yellow belt around her waist. She also had on a pair of white low-heeled boots, and an over-sized pink ribbon forming a bun at the back of her head. Her bright pink eyes were gazing intently at the other revived being with a look of intense sorrow. She shook her head. "As long as your wish is to destroy all life on this world, you will never be free. This is why I have never left your side for all these years." "You think you can defeat me?!" the ooze creature shouted as his body began to grow. "Unlike you, I did not spend the last ten thousand years frozen in time. Yes, I was stuck in that little prison you so you masterfully put me in, but I was not alone...." Empress floated there speechless as she watched him continuously swell in size. He was now rising closer to the surface in order to escape the trench that was soon going to be too small to hold him. What does he mean 'not alone'? Empress thought to herself. Is it possible that...? No, that's impossible. He couldn't have...could he? She was now hurtling towards the surface as well, now radiating with bright white light as she pursued her old foe. By now he was already the size of a mountain, and his growth seemed far from complete. Directly above them there was a vessel, larger than anything Empress had ever seen, and made from a material that clearly was not wood. As she got closer she began to see just how immense it was, three hundred metres long at least. On the side she could now barely make out a few words written in a strange language that she had never seen before: "USS Andrew Jackson." With one last glance at the mountain-sized monstrosity, Empress crashed through the waves into the open air. It was raining heavily, though not heavily enough for the navy officers to miss the angelic figure rising from beneath the sea, hovering in place over the water. She was no longer protected by her barrier and her long hair was soaked and looking like seaweed, and gasping for breath as air flooded her lungs for the first time in ten thousand years. But this was no time to embellish over simple pleasures. "Leave this place at once," she called to the officers, who were now gathering around atop their vessel, some in awe, others in fear, and others still with their hands glued to their weapons waiting for the tiniest hint of provocation. "Your lives are in mortal danger. Leave now, I beg of you!" But nobody moved, for they were listening to a language that had not traveled on the wind's lips since times long past. And it was already too late, as her fears soon came into fruition. An explosion could be heard coming from the lower decks as the vessel screeched to a sudden halt, no longer being along by the ocean current. Screams could be heard as it was lifted to one side, as countless winged vehicles were tossed into the sea like skipping stones. The Andrew Jackson was now half-submerged and taking on water fast. The people who were still on board were lowering smaller boats into the water, trying to save as many people as they could. And all the while the rain raged on, cold as ice now that everyone was drenched with seawater. It was then that the water began to bubble, as what many would later describe as a small island began to rise above the waves, soon followed by those bright red eyes which were now several feet in diameter. This was Empress' one and only chance. As the island rose farther, she held out her hands as the white light surrounding her began to shine as bright as the sun. Now all that was left was to wait for the perfect moment to strike... There it was! As the roof of the creature's giant toothless smile touched the air, Empress took aim, forming a triangle with her thumbs and index fingers, with the target centred within them. "Pretty Cure Lance of Sorrow!" The moment the words were called out, a beam of white and gold light shot from her hands, racing toward the monster's mouth at lightning speed. And it struck! The target cried out in a low, bone-chilling howl as he began to fall back into the water. For what seemed like an eternity, but was only just a few seconds, Empress hovered there over the waves as a sigh of relief echoed through the air. But after using up all her energy on her final attack, she began to fall back into the sea herself. And as she fell, unable to move a move a muscle, all she could do was watch as the creature that she had guarded for millenia reasserted itself and rose its mouth to the sky. As it did, a black smoke began to billow out like the gas from a volcanic eruption. That was the last thing Empress saw before crashing into the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. She could no longer move, and she knew her time was almost up. So with her last ounce of energy, she prayed, not knowing who, if anyone, would hear her call: "To all the Pretty Cure of this age: the Darkness has awaken, and only you have the power to stop it. Please, seal away the Darkness, and restore peace to this world."