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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 11 results

  1. I own at this game I'm the last post so ... I WIN! Who care xD
  2. fun game Precure Melee

    Precure Melee This is a game to see who the most popular Precure is! Here are the rules: I will start here with a list of all the main Precure in the franchise, each starting with 10 points. Everyone who posts will remove one point from one Precure and add a point to another. You are encouraged to give reasons for your choices, but this is not mandatory. When a Precure reaches 0, they will be eliminated, meaning you can no longer give them points. This will continue until only one Precure remains, allowing his or her fans to know that they are the loudest fanboys and girls on the forum. I will tally up the results and make a new post every few days(or more/less depending on how fast the game moves). This post will also be updated. Open the spoiler tag to see the list: Okay, I'll start: Cure Blossom +1 = 11 Cure Melody -1 = 9 Blossom is obviously my favourite Cure, and Melody is my least favourite lead Cure.
  3. This game is simple. You throw any random stuff to the person above you. Like this. Let's started!
  4. fun game Ban the person above you!

    Ban the person above you! Ban the person above you! is a fun forum game. Basically, you come up with a reason why the person above you should be banned. Example Poster 1: Honk! Honk! Poster 2: You're banned for saying honk too much Poster 3: You're banned for banning people Poster 4: You're banned for being to complicating Rules This is just a game, not real ban Have a great day! Banning and banning! fun game! Game Start! I'm king of the Banhammer! <3
  5. fun game Word Association Game

    Word Association Game Word association is a fun forum game. The idea of it is to post one word that is associated with the word before it. Example Poster 1: Pretty Poster 2: Cure Poster 3: Awesome Poster 4: Light etc.. Rules 1 Word Posts Needs to be Associated with the Post above Game Start! Beautiful
  6. The point is to make a sentence that makes sense using the provided letters by the other user. RULES 1. No double-posting as well 2. Please wait until at least two other members post before you post again EXAMPLE user 1: I L T E P user 2: I like to eat pie I L P C F user 3: I love Pretty Cure fans P H T F E user 4: Phone home, then forget everything etc, etc..... ------ Let's the start! L I G H T
  7. fun game Defeat Something with Something

    This game is pretty simple. User 1: fire User 2: water User 3: a thirsty person etc. If somebody says something that you're not sure what it is or where its form, then you can just make something up that you think works best. I'll start: Ice
  8. fun game Corrupt a Wish

    Basically, the first person makes a wish, then the next person grants the wish, but with some kind of loophole. Then the second person makes their own wish, and the next person corrupts it, and so on. Poster 1: "I wish for a taco!" Poster 2: "Granted, but your mouth falls off so you can't eat it." "I wish for a potato farm" Poster 3: "Granted, You get a farm of potatoes." "I wish for..." And so on... I will start, I wish for a travel the world
  9. You rate someones avatar on a scale of 1 - 10 and then so on and so on...
  10. It's quite simple. Just post what you think the above user's avatar is thinking or saying. ^_^ Example: Poster A: avatar is a precure. Poster B: is the leader pink. Poster A: no one above me. Poster B: Dream! Poster C: Princess! Poster D: Flora! etc.
  11. I'm always here for the forum games...