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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 6 results

  1. Hello

    1. How did you find this website? my friend talks about this website ^_^ and I decided to joining the forum 2. What are your favorite series? go! princess, maho girls, dokidoki, kirakira 3. What are your favorite cure? cure scarlet, cure white, cure custard, cure echo, cure princess 4. Where are you from? USA Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca and I'm from the USA. I'm a big fans of magical girl anime. Nice to meet everyone. I have gotta go.
  2. hello Greeting from Poland

    Hi, I'm new to here, I am from Poland. I love PreCure and Magical Girl Anime. My favorite cure is Cure Sword. Nice to meet you
  3. hello Greeting from USA

    Hi, i'm precure fans! i can't say here xD. I love gamer and anime.
  4. hello Greeting from Canada!

    Hey! I'm Precure fans, I love Cure Echo ^.^. I watched since Go! Princess first time.
  5. Cure Moonlight here!

    Good Morning Hello! I'm Ellen! I live in Edmonton, Canada. Cure Moonlight is my favorite <3 I love Precure, Yuri on Ice, Digimon and Magical Girl Anime! I hope we can be friends... ~xox♪
  6. hello Hello!

    Hello! I am cure Angelite! I enjoy pokemon,spooky things and of course,PRECURE