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  1. Maho Girls Precure! Villain Gets Official Hugging Pillow Toei Animation is reaching out to its older female fans for some up and coming merchandise. Namely, a hug pillow cover featuring the Maho Girls Precure! villain Orba. The studious retainer for Deusmast is depicted relaxing on one side of the pillow cover and shown topless in his final form on the other side of the pillow. If the item itself wasn't a hint, the 8,000 yen (US$73) price point will keep the pillow out of most kids' allowance budgets. The pillow will go on sale on June 30 at the Pretty Store locations in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Also going on sale the same day is a Pretty Cure Materials Collection compiling over 400 pages of anime materials. This isn't the first time an anime targeting kids branched out to appeal to its older viewers.The kids' Pretty Rhythm anime franchise released tickets for its KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm film showing the male stars in nothing but their birthday suits. Its sequel King of Prism: PRIDE the HERO opted for bathing suits instead. Source; http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2017-06-08/maho-girls-precure-villain-gets-official-hugging-pillow/.117143
  2. Thanks to the user @sunday555monday in twitter to upload this image!! Link: https://twitter.com/SUNDAY555MONDAY/status/893135898862174208 They say that the next season is gonna be about precure all stars... do you think that is really gonna happen or not? is gonna work? i think it would be nice to see all precure in one season but i don't know if the story will be good...
  3. Hello, I'm planning to transfer all of the site files to a new server. For a reason, I need to move to a new server sometime as soon as possible. [Updated] Old server moved to a new server, done. If you have any question? Lets me know.
  4. "Eiga kirakira☆Precure A la mode Paritt! Milfieille of memories" on Saturday, October 28 『映画キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード パリッと!想い出のミルフィーユ!』は10月28日(土)公開!
  5. Hello! I've received an email from data center hosting this morning. They're writing to inform me and other customers about the network maintenance, as the intervention is scheduled in June 22nd, 2017 at 5:00 am - Eastern Time (ET). The upgrade is due to take approximately one hour, but this server will affected, however All the servers will then be routed to another network system, and with a possible slight reduction in speed that may limits in the network routers. Data center saids Thanks
  6. Pretty Cure Forum - News June 13, 2017 I've busy for a while and it's June.. It will soon be summer that's so hot weather. Welp. NEW ADMINISTRATOR OF PRETTY CURE FORUM TEAM Please congratulate @CureTechnic and welcome him to the team! =3 PCF - THE SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE - JUNE 18 We've the scheduled maintenance in June 18th @ 2:00AM to 3:00AM, Reason: The server's the new installs for the software and security. It's just a normal maintenance, so there's no downtime or outage during in the maintenance as well. Follow us on Twitter - @prettycureforum , See later, cya! Have a great week.
  7. We're pleased to announce our latest addition to the Moderator staff position: marinetact. Please give a warm analogue welcome to marinetact who be joining me as mod of the forum! Congratulations to @marinetact Welcome to the team!
  8. Recently, Saban lost the Glitter Force trademark due to not using it for six months - so it has returned to Toei. What does this mean for Glitter Force? There was a Dokidoki dub planned for it, so what will be its fate? Honestly? I hope this means Glitter Force failed. Even for a kids' show, the dubbing practices of the 90s are horribly outdated. Saban basically took every lesson dubbing companies learned for the past two (almost three!) decades and threw them out the window. In addition, due to Glitter Force's existence, other countries (such as Italy and Spain) which were already airing other seasons of Pretty Cure (such as Heart Catch) were forced to air Glitter Force instead. So really, for the most part this is beneficial for everyone. However, Glitter Force's failure could be a double-edged sword - on one hand it shows that the dubbing practices of the 90s don't fly anymore and that dubbing companies that still use these practices need to get their shit together, but on the other it may cause Toei to think that there's no audience for Pretty Cure in the United States - when obviously this isn't the case. Personally, I'm content with fansubs, but official subs for all seasons and proper dubs for said seasons would be nice.
  9. Hello, I noticed the new features in the IPS4.2 Beta, and it's called the "Clubs" built-in the features in IPS4.2 core-functionally. There's the features of Clubs application is a standalone. Please notes that Pretty Cure Forum will be no longer using the CureZone in June 4th, 2017. > The new clubs, the URL address: https://prettycureforum.net/clubs/ is now available to all everyone (includes guest too) Clubs Index page view When clicked the button "Start a Club" and you will see this display. Your clubs view "Manage Club" button/view - Extra: You can to add the new topics, blogs, calendar, etc... for unlimited as unlimited for examples "Topics", "Fanwork Topics" etc. that's cool features. You can to invite members to join your club too!
  10. Doki Doki Glitter Force Doki Doki Pretty Cure (Original in Japanese Version) I checked on Twitter and another website, so talks about the Doki Doki is now in the Glitter Force is most likely confirms yet. --- The official government website for trademarks in the United States, via http://tmsearch.uspto.gov --- Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/noam-kaniel-95619232/ What you think about the Doki Doki Glitter Force or anything? Comments here! - I'm very disappointed~
  11. I'm very busy with the development and web re-design on the forums. I decided to new theme with some design and customize as well. Pretty Cure Forum is now Version 2.0 as well. The final version of IP.Board 4.2 will be come out in this summer 2017 that's the changes of the major is new features and other. However, this forum as currently: version 4.1.x has tested with the IP.Board 4.2 Beta 1 is still bugs of the PCF is a private forum as the subfolder, but I will wait for the official will be the release of the final version in this summer 2017 if any bugs will be fixed in the future as well. Source: https://invisionpower.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/ that's available in the public beta only. I'm show you for the IP.Board 4.2.0 Beta 1 ///screenshots and many in the beta version that's new features so awesome it Have a great day/night well. Brendan~
  12. KiraKira Precure A La Mode Anime Casts Kaede Hondo The staff of the Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode anime series revealed on Saturday that the show has cast Kaede Hondo (Fuuka's Chitose Haruna, Girlish Number's Yae Kugayama) as the character Miku Kenjō (pictured below). Miku is the younger sister of Akira (Cure Chocolat) and she is 9 years old. She has a weak body and regularly has to be admitted to the hospital. She is level headed and has a kind heart, and she resembles Akira quite a lot. Miku debuted in the show in the 15th episode, which aired on Sunday. Source: Anime News Network
  13. news nyaa.se goes down - Inform

    nyaa.se is down If you're looking for "Precure" any; KiraKira, Go! Princess, or anything. Please try to google search for another torrent site so possible. Source: https://torrentfreak.com/anime-torrent-site-nyaa-goes-down-after-domain-name-deactivation-170502/ UPDATED; https://twitter.com/HorribleSubs/status/859693915720474624
  14. PreCure Goes Mobile (Smartphone Game) NOW AVAILABLE!!! Edit/Updated: http://precure-app.bn-ent.net/ (Japanese) PreCure Connecting Pandora is now available on Google Play and iOS (App Store) (or below) iOS/iTune Note: You have to create a Japanese account for an iTunes account, Helpful Link -> here's the link page. ---------------------- Original: Not content to let Madoka Magica rule the magical girl side of smartphone gaming, Toei's own battalion of heroines have stepped in. Later this year, the PreCure franchise will make their official dive into iOS and Android games. Titled PreCure Tsunagaru Pazurun ("PreCure Connection Puzzle-un"), it's advertised as an easy hitofudegaki game (a type of game where you draw a shape without lifting the pen -- or, in this case, your finger or stylus). As you complete puzzles and gather cards, you'll build a larger team of characters from which you can choose as you play. At present, the art only shows three teams: the early Futari wa PreCure MAX HEART team and the more recent Go Princess PreCure and Maho Girls PreCure! teams. There's no indication yet of whether more teams will be filled in either retroactively or as they premiere. Preregistrations are currently open on the site via email or Twitter; additionally, preregistered players may be contacted about a closed beta in the near future. As preregistrations stack up, more and more special gifts will become available to early adopters. At 30,000 users, a pack of 200 jewels (presumably the currency of the game) will unlock. At 50,000 and 80,000 respectively, the two cards shown above -- "Black Ribbon Nagisa Misumi" and "Polka-Dot Dress Honoka Yukishiro" -- will also unlock, both with a three-star rating. PreCure Tsunagaru Pazurun will go live later this year for iOS and Android. Visit the official site for more information. Source: Yaraon! | Official Site (http://precure-app.bn-ent.net/)
  15. "Kirakira PreCure a la Mode" Character Song CD Jacket Arts Revealed Toei Animation has released jacket illustrations of the five CD singles sung by each main girl from the ongoing 14th PreCure TV series Kirakira PreCure a la Mode. The long-running franchise launched in 2004 has usually released two character song albums with 10-11 songs in one season, and some series like Yes! PreCure 5, HeartCatch PreCure!, and Dokidoki PreCure! released singles or mini albums featuring one or two particular characters. But for the first time for the franchise, Kirakira PreCure will release the five CD singles simultaneously on the same day, April 26 (probably an album including the songs will follow later). This unusual sales strategy can be interpreted as proof of very high expectations for the 14th series. "Character song single: sweet etude 1" Cure Whip (Karen Miyama) "Daisuki ni Berry wo Soete" "Character song single: sweet etude 2" Cure Custard (Haruka Fukuhara) "Petit*Patty∞Science" "Character song single: sweet etude 3" Cure Gelato (Tomo Muranaka) "Aozora Alright" "Character song single: sweet etude 4" Cure Macaron (Saki Fujita) "CAT MEETS SWEETS" "Character song single: sweet etude 5" Cure Chocolat (Nanako Mori) "Chocolat Étoile" ---- OP song "SHINE!! Kirakira ☆ PreCure a la Mode" by Yuri Komagata ED song "Let's La Cooking☆Showtime" by Kanako Miyamoto Limited edition CD jacket Regular edition - Source: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2017/04/11/kirakira-precure-a-la-mode-character-song-cd-jacket-arts-revealed
  16. Have Magical Dreams in Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode Hotel Rooms Fans who have imagined joining the ranks of the Precure magical girls can keep their dreams alive by napping alongside the Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode characters at a resort this year. Shirakaba Resort's Ike no Taira Hotel, which stands near Lake Shirakaba in Nagano Prefecture, announced on Thursday that it is offering rooms inspired by the anime from March 4 to January 8. The new rooms mark the debut of the Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode anime, which premiered on television in Japan on February 5. The hotel began offering Precure-themed room plans in 2010, and people have reserved the special rooms more than 10,000 times since the project began. The hotel offered Maho Girls Precure!-themed rooms (pictured above) last year. Two types of Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode rooms are available: Kirakira Rooms for up to four people and Precure Rooms for up to three people. Rooms feature anime-inspired wallpaper and bed covers. Guests receive exclusive collaboration goods such as soap bubbles, playing cards, origami, B5-size sketchbooks, nail stickers, mugs, and bags. The promotion's various room plans offer "free passes" to the neighboring theme park, passes to use an indoor pool, Precure Wakuwaku Land event area admission tickets, Precure costume rentals, and admission tickets to a winter play area. Depending on the day, the cost per adult per night ranges from 12,000 yen (about US$105) to 29,000 yen (US$255). --- Source: Anime News Network (ANN) | Animate Times
  17. news KiraKira Precure Music News

    Kirakira PreCure a la Mode sweet etude 1 Cure Whip Daisuki ni Berry wo Soete Kirakira PreCure a la Mode sweet etude 2 Cure Custard Petit * Patty Science Kirakira PreCure a la Mode sweet etude 3 Cure Gelato Aozora Alright Kirakira PreCure a la Mode sweet etude 4 Cure Macaron CAT MEETS SWEETS Kirakira PreCure a la Mode sweet etude 5 Cure Chocolat Chocolat Etoile All will be out the same day: April 26, 2017
  18. Anime Characters for Tokyo Olympic Merchandise Revealed While the mascot character for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics remains a work in progress, the Japanese Olympic Committee and Japanese Paralympic Committee have unveiled the anime characters that will appear on licensed Olympic merchandise as ambassadors of Japanese culture. From left to right, they are Astro Boy, Sailor Moon, Shin-chan, Luffy (One Piece), Naruto, Jibanyan (Yōkai Watch), Goku (Dragon Ball Super), Cure Miracle and Cure Magical (Maho Girls Precure!) The JOC and JPC's official stores already have several articles of merchandise featuring these characters. Among them are T-shirts of various sizes (prices vary by size)... Cap (3,780 yen/$33.50) Keychain (810 yen/$7.18) Face towel (1,998 yen/$17.70) Lunch bag (3,780 yen) Pouch (2,484 yen/$22) Fans (594 yen/$5.26) Clay mug (1,782 yen/$15.79) Water bottle (1,836 yen/$16.26) Two-level lunch box (2,592 yen/$22.96) Melamin cup (1,080 yen/$9.60) If you'd like to buy these and other items, visit the Tokyo 2020 Official Online Shop. The selection of characters has led to some grumbling among Japanese and Chinese fans, who note the absence of globally popular characters like Pikachu, Doraemon and Mario (especially considering the prominent role the last two played in the 2016 Rio Olympics' closing ceremonies). Some Chinese fans have also questioned Goku's inclusion, since he is based on a Chinese character (Sun Wukong of the 16th-century novel Journey to the West). Sources: ANN (Anime News Network)
  19. Precure Tsunagaru Pazurun Trailer Mofu! (Smartphone Game)
  20. Toei's official website of the upcoming feature film Eiga Mahou Tsukai PreCure! Kiseki no Henshin! Cure Mofurun!/Maho Girls PreCure! The Movie: Miracle Transformation! Cure Mofurun! today updatedwith its main visual and a 90-second full trailer introducing the new characters for the film. As the title suggests, the teddy bear fairy Mofurun transforms into a new PreCure girl named Cure Mofurun with the power of the legendary "Negai no Ishi" (The Stone of Wishes) that can make any wishes come true once in a hundred years. It is also confirmed that a five-minute full CG short "Cure Miracle to Mofurun no Mahou Lesson!/Cure Miracle and Mofurun's Lesson of Magic!" will be screened with the feature film. The CG-illustrated two characters will give a dance performance of the insert song of the film "Tadashii Mahou no Tsukaikata (The Correct Way to Use Magic)" sung by Mayu Watanabe (AKB48 member). The 21st PreCure feature film (13th non-All Stars film) will open in Japan on October 29, 2016.
  21. Following Cure Melody (April 2015), Cure Rhythm (May 2015), and Cure Beat (April 2016), Bandai's official online store Bandai Premium today stated accepting pre-orders for S.H. Figuarts Cure Muse, the long-awaited fourth character figure from the eighth PreCure TV series Suite PreCure♪. The anime was aired from February 2011 to January 2012, and has been considered as one of the most successful series in the 12-year-old franchise. After appearing as a mysterious masked character, she revealed her true PreCure form for the first time in the 35th episode. The 120mm-tall pre-painted figure comes with three face parts, four hand parts, one chest part, and her weapon Cure Module. The retail prices is 5,400 yen (about 53 US dollars) and its scheduled shipping date is in March 2017. S.H. Figuarts Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm S.H. Figuarts Cure Beat source: Crunchyroll