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    PreCure has multiple series, with now 14 complete series around 50 episodes each.
    For those starting to get into the series, it can be a daunting task to try and get through all of them, if they plan on doing that.

    As I watch through each series up from the first, I will create a list of episodes that are essential to the plot while also listing those that can generally be regarded as filler.

    Generally when we talk about plot important episodes, those are;
    -The initial episodes where the main girls first gain their power and become friends/bond
    -Backstory on the overall plot, such as why the fairies/mascots came to Earth
    -A main villain being defeated or fully introduced, not the 'monster of the week'
    -A new item is obtained
    -A new attack is learned
    -The villains gaining an edge on the heroes
    -The last few episodes that are the 'final showdown'

    Credit to kyualex of Tumblr for part of the work here. There are spoilers in the list, but they are mostly kept to a minimum.

    Futari wa Pretty Cure (Series 1, total 31 required)

    ★ = recommended filler

    01-03 – Required
    04 – The fairies mention that time moves differently between Earth and The Garden of Light, while the other Dokutsu Zone members also make a cameo appearance
    05-06 - Required
    07 – Nagisa struggles to balance Pretty Cure duties and lacrosse at the same time
    08-09 - Required
    10 – Honoka’s birthday, more background info on her family relationship is built here★
    11-13 – Required
    14 – ‘Fake Pretty Cure’ appears, a bit related to what happens at the end of the previous episode★
    15 – Honoka and Nagisa go on vacation
    16 – Yuka Odajima appears
    17 – Required
    18 – A random girl has a crush on Kiriya
    19-32 – Required
    33 – Shiho decides to quit the lacrosse team
    34 – Nagisa and Yuka duke it out at the school festival
    35 – Nagisa’s birthday
    36 – Wisdom tries to escape from the Butler Zakenna, who are introduced in this episode★
    37 – The school puts on a play of Romeo and Juliet
    38 – Ryouta is tasked to deliver something to his dad’s office
    39 – Yoshimi gets married
    40 – Honoka has a sleepover at her house
    41-42 – Required
    43 – Nagisa tries to confess to FujiP
    44 – Christmas episode, a certain character makes a short appearance at the end★
    45 – Nagisa and Honoka are in a choir competition with their school★
    46-49 - Required
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