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    PreCure has multiple series, with now 14 complete series around 50 episodes each.
    For those starting to get into the series, it can be a daunting task to try and get through all of them, if they plan on doing that.

    As I watch through each series up from the first, I will create a list of episodes that are essential to the plot while also listing those that can generally be regarded as filler.

    Generally when we talk about plot important episodes, those are;
    -The initial episodes where the main girls first gain their power and become friends/bond
    -Backstory on the overall plot, such as why the fairies/mascots came to Earth
    -A main villain being defeated or fully introduced, not the 'monster of the week'
    -A new item is obtained
    -A new attack is learned
    -The villains gaining an edge on the heroes
    -The last few episodes that are the 'final showdown'

    Unlike the first series, creating a filler list for the second series is a bit difficult.

    In Max Heart, the plot is that the twelve Heartiels of the Queen have spread out all over thus prompting the main heroes to go and recollect all of them while also preventing the rise of the Evil King.
    This means that the capturing of all twelve Heartiels will generally be important episodes to watch, but sometimes those episodes can be 80% filler with the 20% being the actual Heartiel capture.
    In the list below, I will make specific note of such episodes.

    Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart (Series 2, total 31 required)

    *refers to a Heartiel that is captured by Pretty Cure in the episode it denotes

    01-07 – Required** (01, 06)

    *01 – Introduction episode, can’t be skipped

    *06 – While Pation briefly appears around the end, this episode gives us the proper introduction of Uraganos

    08 – Akane’s Tako Café subplot

    09 – Honoka’s birthday episode, the Third Heartiel makes a cameo here but fully appears in the following episode

    10-13 – Required** (10, 13)

    *10 – Harmonin made a cameo in the previous episode and is fully introduced here, but this episode features the very first use of Extreme Luminario

    *13 – While Pyuan briefly appears here, the episode serves information as to why the Heartiels are important and their purpose

    14 – FujiP’s soccer episode, the Heartiel that was captured in the last episode makes itself more well known in this one

    15 – Hikari makes friends episode

    16 – Required*

    *16 – Pyuan finally decides to enter the Chairlect while another Heartiel named Inteligen appears at the end, but this episode is overall a filler one

    17 – Honoka’s science fair episode, the Heartiel that was captured in the last episode makes itself more well known in this one

    18 – Required

    19 – Nagisa ‘moves away’ episode

    20-23 – Required* (20)

    *20 – Wishun is prominently featured in this episode, while the ‘mysterious boy’ is finally able to leave his mansion, which is important context for the later episodes

    24 – Yuka Odajima episode

    25 – Honoka’s grandma episode, the sixth Heartiel makes a cameo at the end of this episode

    26 – Summer festival episode

    27-31 – Required** (27, 31)

    *27 – Horpun who appeared two episodes prior, finally enters the Chairlect at the end, not much really happens in this episode besides that

    *31 – Braven appears at the end of the episode, and Baldez is said to be ‘reborn’ this episode, but overall the plot is mostly on Lacrosse

    32 – Odango episode

    33 – Nagisa’s birthday episode

    34-35 – Required* (34)

    *34 – Prosen appears in this episode, but this one is part of a two-part mini arc regarding the girl’s trip to Kyoto, it and 35 are essential regarding Hikari’s character

    36 – Pollun and Lulun sideplot

    37 – Required*

    *37 – Not much happens here besides Hapinen appearing for the first time

    38 – Honoka’s ‘farewell’ episode, the Heartiel that was captured in the last episode makes itself more well known in this one

    39 – Lacrosse finals episode

    40 – Badminton episode

    41 – FujiP birthday episode, the tenth Heartiel appears at the end of the episode briefly

    42-47 – Required** (42, 45)

    *42 – Lovelun appears, but this episode is important in establishing the bond between Hikari and that ‘mysterious boy’

    *45 – Eternalun, the last Heartiel finally appears, and this episode is a must because all of that collecting finally pays off here
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