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    PrecureCraft is a Minecraft server and over time we have formed our own ban appeals system that is very effective. Our system works as the following: Once a player is banned, they then have the chance to make a ban appeal. Once the appeal has been made with the correct format, they then must wait for the admin/mod who banned them to read and process the appeal. Only the mod/admin who banned the player can process it, so don't even think about crying to another admin or your appeal will be closed.

    To post a ban appeal it must first be correctly formatted or your post will be ignored. So please follow the below format.
    • The title of your Post must be as following: "player name - ban message - staff name". So if your name (username) is "john" and your ban message is "Griefing a house -oops" your title should be "John - Griefing a house -oops". The staff name is very important.
    • In-game name (username):
    • What kind of ban are you appealing? (e.g. In-game)
    • Date Last Active:
    • When you were banned:
    • Why were you banned?
    • Ban Message:
    • Why we should consider your appeal?
    • Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know:

    Things that can't be appealed.
    Not every offense can be appealed so read through the the list of things that can't be appealed.
    • Xraying
    • Mass spamming
    • Attempting to hack the server.

    1. Don't falsely accuse in your appeal:

    This is possibly the worst thing you can do in your ban appeal. When you accuse the server/staff members, it lowers your chances of becoming unbanned. For example, saying "I didn't hack, [Someone staff] just banned me because he/she doesn't like me."
    Well, the chances of a staff member banning you because they don't like you is highly unlikely. The staff on this server is very professional and most likely had a reasonable reason to ban you.

    2. Don't Lie in your appeal:
    Let's say for example, you got banned for hacking. I highly suggest you just admit, and give some structured reasons to why you did hack. Same thing goes for anything else, just admit to it.

    3. Don't get upset at others in your appeal:
    Please remember, YOU were the one who got YOURSELF banned, so please don't blame friends, or anyone else. If you let a friend use your account, and they got you banned, that's your fault. Don't try to use that as an excuse for getting unbanned, because I can assure you it won't work.

    4. Accept negative feedback.
    Remember, people are always going to disagree with you/your choices. So please, don't make a huge rant about how their wrong, just accept their opinion, because it wont make you look as professional.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope these tips helped you! Please feel free to PM me if you need anymore advice, or help!

    - BrendanWh
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