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official Pretty Cure Forum General Rules

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Welcome to Pretty Cure Forum!




The main rule is obviously to have fun, but always according to the other rules. The Pretty Cure Forum team wants to make this forum a friendly place, so please, read the rules and fulfil them:




So without further adieu, here are the rules.

  • Be civil/Be respectful to other users at all times.
  • No spamming.
  • No flaming.
  • No harassment.
  • No pornographic material.
  • No plagiarize.
  • No advertising for any discord server, offsite or other, but the links to websites that enrich this experience, such as YouTube, Anime News Network, or GameInformer, is perfectly acceptable.


Search the forum before asking your questions or issues. Chances are it has been answered.

All forums' content of any fanworks and other that must carry no more than a PG-16 Rating. Any content that would qualify as an R, NC-17, or MA Rating will receive a warning due to all ages on the forum. Pretty Cure Forum and Kloxplex Network rights to remove or delete your post without warning it.


If you see any posts that do not abide by one or more of the above guidelines, please use the "Report Post" button to bring it to the moderators' attention. Above all else, have fun, make friends and contribute to a great community. Please check back often as these rules will evolve to meet the needs of our constantly changing community. Thanks for stopping by and see you on the forums. So, no one likes to read the rules, I know but these are important so I'll try to not waste anyone's time.



//End Rules





To keep page load times and page lengths at an optimal level while also allowing personalization we need to impose some signature limits. You can use both text and a signature image, or elect to chose one over the other. Please limit your signatures to the following:

  • Your signature may NOT link to NSFW website, Advertising website, Malware website, and Illegal activity.
  • Your signature must be exceed a total file size of 5 MB for Animated GIF only (Please do not put your animated signature image over 5MB will be prohibited)





Guest - All visitor and anonymous access the community forum, who not have logged on or registered member of this community.

New Precure - Who newest member is a registered in this community. In additionally, Members allow to make a new threads or posts in the community forums and some limitation as well.

Precure Member - Will be automatic move from "New Precure" into "Precure Member" group is a verified member and welcomed to the forums. Member allow to make a new threads or posts (includes replies) is allowed,

Moderator - A Moderator allow to the edit/delete/move/ban/warn and many that moderator tools in all sections.

Administrator - Administrator fully accesses the manager and settings of the forums.

Root Administrator - The owner of the forum with the full administrator for access the forum and management settings.

Banned - Who got a banned, can't access this forum. You need contact to [email protected] and will more details that why it.

Permanently Banned - Who got a permanently banned is forever with your account and can't unban by the staffs.




Breaking any of the rules or behaving in a disruptive manner, will result in a warning. More information about the warning system following the below...



  • Duplicates Thread (+10 Points / Exp: 1 Week)
  • Spamming (+10 Points / Exp: 2 Weeks)
  • Copyright Material / DMCA (+30 Points / Exp: NEVER)
  • Flaming, Threatening, or Harassing (+20 Points / Exp: NEVER)
  • NSFW, Hentai and Porn (+40 Points / Exp: NEVER)
  • Plagiairze (+20 Points / Exp: 2 Weeks)
  • Profile Violation (+10 Points / Exp: 2 Weeks)
  • Signature Violation (+10 Points / Exp: 2 Weeks)
  • Abusive Behaviour (includes Illegal Activities) (+20 Points / Exp: NEVER)
  • Inappropriate Language (+20 Points / Exp: 2 Weeks)



  • 60% - Suspension Posting for 3 Days
  • 80% - Suspension Posting for 5 Days
  • 100% - Banned Temp. for 1st Offence, if breaking the rules further will result in a ban as the 2nd Final Offence will be Permanently Banned.



  • 1st OFFENCE – 3 Days with your account is suspension (temporary banned)
  • 2nd FINAL OFFENCE – Permanently banned



Most of all have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Have a good day!

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I've talked to my friends that they're agreed about Precure Fanfiction and PreCure Roleplay selections. Yes, it's allowed for lightly mature content,  profanity, and creepypasta/horror is okay but i think need new tag or prefixes?

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All forums' the English require(s) is no longer for now.

Some rules are removed as well. Also, All forums' content must be no more than a PG-16 rating for any fanwork and other of this forum.

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5 hours ago, Cure Lollipop said:

we are still seeing "your connection to this site is not fully secure" in this topic, might images...

Oops! Fixed now! Thanks ;)

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